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Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget Your Air Conditioning Ducts

Have you begun your spring cleaning yet? As you remove layers of dust from book shelves and window panes, remember that your HVAC system probably mirrors this condition. March winds are particularly notorious for stirring up dust and affecting your home. Your air ducts can hide that material until it's time to turn on your air conditioning for the summer. You can schedule a diagnostic and cleaning service to ensure that your system encourages healthy indoor air.


Can I Clean My Air Ducts Myself?

Those who are meticulous about their spring cleaning are often interested in doing their own duct cleaning. However, proper cleaning service involves specialized equipment. It's important to realize that your air ducts run throughout the house to carry hot or cold air to different rooms. There are twists and turns that most homeowners can't truly visualize or accurately predict. Further, it's difficult to achieve the suction needed for removing material throughout the system without commercial equipment. Some of the benefits of working with a professional include:

    • Proper equipment for loosening dirt from duct walls
    • Multiple types of equipment to address the specific design and placement of ducts
    • Professional filtration and disposal of debris removed from ducts
    • Protection of your home environment through placement of drop cloths
    • Visual inspection of duct condition with remote video equipment
    • Identification of leaks and disconnected sections of ductwork

How Often Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned

Your bookshelves provide a good indication of the condition of your ductwork. Although you may keep up with general cleaning through the year, there are areas that you may miss. In a year's time, a lot of dust can accumulate. Similarly, your ducts will accumulate material. Your use of an air conditioning filter can limit the extent of dirt buildup in your home, but your out-of-reach furnishings still provide an excellent guide for recognizing how much dirt you can expect your ductwork to harbor. If your furnishings and fixtures need a good spring cleaning, then your ducts do as well.


HVAC Maintenance and Air Quality

A thorough spring tune-up provides even better management of your indoor air quality. As your system is adjusted to provide optimum function, a technician will clean your coils to remove dirt, mold and bacteria. Cleaning the ducts but ignoring the coil will produce limited results.


Air Quality Evaluation and Equipment

Cool Breeze HVAC can provide an evaluation of your indoor air quality to determine what irritants are present in your airstream. We send air samples to a lab for analysis, and the results enable us to discuss specific solutions for issues you may face.

Mold is a common challenge in Concord NC, and we can provide options for killing, filtering and reducing mold in your home. Germicidal lamps are helpful for keeping mold out of your coils and ducts. Purification systems work hard to remove mold from your airstream. Dehumidifiers can limit moisture to help with mold problems. Call us to learn more about all of our air quality services and equipment.



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